Practical Law in UK and How to grow Your Firm

Practical Law in UK and How to grow Your Firm


Practical Law is a publishing platform in United Kingdom (UK) which renders standard, correct legal guidance for lawyers. They grant access to their users on Access practice notes, standard documents, checklists, forms, legal updates, global guides and many more. It can be reiterated that the Practical Law had assisted several business lawyer in their drafting skill and general Law practice. This in furtherance, provides users with the confidence of carrying out their legal services with speed.

Practical law enables their users to Spend less time searching for a template, building a presentation, or delving into an unfamiliar area of law

It can be stated without much contradiction, that the practical law as a publishing platform provides the following services to both lawyers and non – lawyers:

  1. Practical Law provides the general public with the choice of choosing from best seasoned lawyers in different legal field.
  2. It provides you with sample drafting prepared by expert attorney editors which makes your personal law practice easier
  3. They also operate with Legal checklists which are usually presented in the form of timelines, flow charts, tables, decision trees, and lists of issues.

How to grow my Law Practice?

You may be asking, how do I build and grow my law practice to my targeted big law firm in the country. Law firm can be built to grow even bigger than the vision of the person who started it, what’s imperative is that you should remain focused and remain resolute with the mind set of growing your law practice not minding the competition.

The following tips are going to assist you in growing your law practice:

Develop a clear brand: For young wigs, the first thing to do is to consider how you want to be known by your clients and the area of law that you want to specialise. This will assist you to kick started your smooth journey of building and growing your law practice. In this stage of creating for yourself a brand in law practice, you need to choose the areas of law that you want to specialize on, the skilled that you have acquired and the possible charges that you shall be expecting to be paid by your client.

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Do carefully note that branding represent the personality of your law firm and so, try high to give your law practice, a clear and specially accepted branding.

Develop a growth plan and strategy: Now that you’ve got a brand, you need to think and plan about where you want to be in one year, three years, and five years in the law practice. Is it part of your plan that you want to grow a single office or maybe multiple offices? Do you have the plan of having certain number of client or earning certain sum? There it shall be germane that you plan on the strategy that you shall employ to meet all these set goals.

Market your firm: It shall also be important that you plan on how you shall market your firm. This will enable you to get to the targeted clients. Your service may not be for everyone, but try on having a marketing plan to get much clients who shall be willing to pay for your services.

The marketing tactics may include: advertising on billboards, blogging, hosting community events and speaking on podcasts. Importantly, you’ll need to think about where your target audience is and which marketing tactics will best reach them.

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Network, network, network: The next step in building and growing a law practice is to have a genuine network with colleagues in the law profession. The networking can also extend to cover your relationships with friends and love ones in the other profession. Build networking with people with similar vision as you do.

Delegate when you can: The last step on this tips shall emphasis on the need of delegating functions to younger colleagues or to staffs. Usually, when you are growing a law firm, the need to manage every work and service that come into the firm. This can be easy, if you adopt the skill of delegating some works to other persons. Even it demands hiring staffs, go ahead and hire them and also give them works to do.

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