Attorney at law meaning in Urdu

Attorney at law meaning in Urdu:


Attorney at law meaning in urdu is not too special than Attorney at Law in other areas instead Attorney at law in Urdu is an attorney that has been legally qualified to represent persons in the court. This is an attorney that is certified in law to present matters in court on behalf of other persons in Urdu. Attorney at Law in Urdu is pronounced in Roman Urdu as Wakeel ya mukhtar qanooni”.

In clear translation, the Attorney at Law meaning in Urdu can be transcribed as وکیل یا مختار قانونی – Wakeel ya mukhtar qanooni. Practicing law in Urdu has turned out to be one of the eyes catching businesses of the day and many persons have been trooping to practice law but it’s part of the law of Urdu that before you will be allowed to practice law as an attorney that you must be an attorney at law. This also entails that any person caught practicing law with the lawful certification can also be held to have committed impersonation which is punishable by law.

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Attorneys at law in Urdu have many things that they are meant to do for the clients both in the court and outside the premises of the court. The attorney shall always be expected to represent the interest of his client and to also abide by the instruction of the person who has called him for legal representation in a matter.

Power of attorney in Urdu

Power of Attorney Meaning in English to Urdu is مختار نامہ۔, as written in Roman Urdu. Power of attorney in Urdu means the document of representation executed by a party who desires that another party should represent him. The party that has the power is called the principal or donor while the party to whom the power of attorney is executed is called the Donee or agent. The Donor of the power of attorney is meant to have the capacity to exercise the power which he wants to delegate to the agent.

It shall be important to note that Power Of Attorney in roman Urdu is pronounced as “Mukhtaar nama”.

The agent in power of attorney in Urdu is meant to abide by the capacity that was delegated to him and he is not meant to deviate from the power or to expand it.

The principal that created the power of attorney in Urdu has the power to also revoke such power of attorney if the agent acts otherwise.

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Power of attorney in Urdu can either be revocable power of attorney or irrevocable. It is revocable power of attorney when it can be revoked easily by the person who executed it and it is irrevocable when the person that executed it now lacks the power to revoke and this can be possible when the agent furnished some consideration in form of payment.

Attorney General in Urdu

It can firmly be stated that Attorney General Meaning in English to Urdu is اٹارنی جنرل when translated into Roman Urdu. An Attorney general in Urdu is an Attorney, Advocate, and Counsel that represents the interest of the state in both criminal and civil matters. He’s an advocate appointed by the head of the state to prosecute state matters.

It would be imperative to state that an Attorney general in Urdu is not a Lawmaker instead he is an appointee of the state that is meant to represent the interest of the state in the court.

During the lifespan of the appointment of the attorney general in Urdu, he shall not be permitted by law to hold any other employment.

He is only to always fight the just cause of the state the person appointed to be an attorney general in Urdu is expected by law to be an attorney at law in Urdu. The attorney General in Urdu shall also be expected to work with other state Counsel appointed with him in order to see that the interest of the state is always well represented.

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