Attorney General in Spanish – An Overview

Attorney General in Spanish – An Overview

Attorney General in Spanish

An Attorney general in Spanish can also be likened to a fiscal general. Fiscal general in Spanish can be pronounced as el/la fiscal general. An Attorney general of the state in Spanish be can translated to Fiscal General del Estado.

An attorney general of the state in Spanish is the chief prosecutor of the state. He handles all state court cases. He is a state appointee mandated to represent the state in both criminal and civil matters. The Attorney general can also be called the Minister of justice. He is appointed by the king and he can also be dismissed by the king at the proposal of the government. He is appointed to represent the state in judicial battles. The attorney general in Spanish does all prosecution of matters on behalf of the state.

He is the head of the prosecution ministry (Ministerio Fiscal).

The attorney general in Spanish usually has some years to spend in the office and he is usually appointed with other state Counsel in the state prosecution ministry. He is the head of the body.

The Attorney General in Spanish just like in other jurisdictions has a duo function, he works as the minister of justice and as the Attorney general. He is always recognized in the court as a senior member of the bar.

It would be important to reiterate that for you to be appointed as an Attorney General in Spanish, you must first be called to the bar and be certified to practice as an advocate in the court.

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Attorney General in Spanish is meant to stay in office for a period of four years and he may not be reappointed except when he was appointed for a time that is less than two years. He cannot be removed from office except if he requests so or when he floats the provision of the law or when he is mentally ill and can no longer discharge his duties as an attorney general in Spanish.

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Major Functions of Attorney General in Spanish

  1. Legal Representation: He represents the state in all criminal matters and this he usually achieves with the team of attorneys in the ministry of justice, who are meant to be under his control. He also has the right to decide whether to prosecute a criminal matter or to forfeit. even when he has started to prosecute a matter, he can decide to discontinue such matter for the interest of justice. This is the reason why some scholars usually say that the power of the attorney general in Spanish to prosecute matters is enormous.
  2. Legal Advice: He can also render legal advice to the head of state during his time in office. His advice is meant to have emanated from the existing laws and the effects on the act of the head of the state.
  1. He is meant to control and manage the affairs of his ministry: it is the attorney general in Spanish that controls the ministry of justice and he determines the functions of the ministry. He is meant to control the department in order to bring the best out of that ministry.

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