Clear Signs that you should become a Lawyer

Clear Signs that you should become a Lawyer:


This post shall provide you with Clear Signs that you should become a Lawyer and if you have them in you, we shall most sincerely advise you to consider being a lawyer.

Big books don’t scare you:

You may be destined for law, if you delight in reading big books, Journal and Newspaper. As a law student and lawyer, you are going to live half of your life going through law books and briefs from colleagues. Law profession is well embedded with the activities of reading books. So as a clear yardstick, if you can spend hours running through books seeking information about a particular thing in the Library, then it can easily support your speculation that you may be destiny to study law and become a lawyer.

The skill of reading here will aid you to identify the key points and draw relevant conclusions and highlight the parts that you know that you need to revisit later on.

Note: Reading alone cannot stand to determine that a person is destined to be a lawyer as a prospective scientist may also possess this skill of reading, the only different here, will be the materials that the both parties delight to read and read for a long time.

You try to get all angle of a story:

Do you also have the skill of being able to get all the angles of the story that you are being told at a particular time, then it will be imperative that you consider law as law school demands that you know everything about what you are being taught. Can it be said that you always thrive hard to hear the other side of a story, trying to dig deeper beyond surface to get the root of a matter, so then it’s a bonus to you as you shall be employing it in law practice, as you shall be living your life hearing stories from parties and the story may at several occasions vary from the parties narrating it.

Your ability to dissect complicated situations and determine the facts of a case will come in handy as a lawyer

You Love arguing to prove a point:

We know that you expected us to number this skill as the first point on the list, right? we knew it, that’s why we intentionally made it the third. This can be agreed to be the most common reason why people join law profession.

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Usually, if you can argue vehemently and still hold your ground, people will hurriedly call you a lawyer. So, if you can hold your ground for hours just to convince other people to buy your point of view, you may want to save all that energy for law school. Have the skill of arguing point with reason and trying to convince people to believe in your point, then it will be possible that you may be destined to be a lawyer.

 You stand for what you believe in:

This is very important in law. You will likely handle cases that doesn’t have a lot of compelling evidence to back them up. In such situations, you have no choice other choice than to believe in your client and fight for that person as if his or her case is your own. You must be prepared to stand up for what you believe despite constant negative forces that try to defeat your claims.

You Exude Confidence:

When you make a claim, do you hold your ground and keep your cool when faced with barrage of backlash? On well then, you should be a lawyer because that happens quite a lot of time in the field. You’ll be under an attack on a regular basis. You need confidence to defend your claims. Lack of it will make you struggle and no client wants a lawyer who lacks confidence.

You have Integrity:

The law profession has no room for unethical behaviour. You could get disbarred if you’re found wanting due to one unethical behaviour or misconduct. Integrity is essential in a successful law career. If you have this quality, you may want to consider a law degree. Honesty and being able to stand up for what is right even when under pressure will also set you apart in the legal profession.

You pay attention to details:

This is a gift no many people have. I mean, many people can barely remember what they had for dinner last night, urhh? If you’re someone that catches and remembers even the smallest detail about everything. Law was made for you. Law school forces you to think on your toes and most of the time, aloud. Its going to require you to handle multiple storylines and facts. To keep track of everything, you encountered on a daily basis; facts, dates, figures, definitions of legal jargons, case studies and their verdicts are just some of the things you need to remember. Organizations, disciplines, and factor-shared focus are just a trait that every law school hopeful should possess. If you have these, welcome to law.

Thanks for reading through this piece; Clear Signs that you should become a Lawyer

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