Davis Law Firm and What they do

Davis Law Firm and What they do:


Davis Law firm is one of the renowned law firms with great sound knowledge in Estate planning and other specialized areas of law and they are always at the peak of assisting their clients in claiming what rightly belongs to them.

This post shall explain in detail what are their areas of specialization and how you can secure their service through calls or physical visits.

Areas of practice

Estate Planning

Davis Law firm has the best attorneys that have vast knowledge in Estate planning. They advise their clients on the best line of action to take in estate planning. They also offer the best services in drafting wills, trusts, and health care directives.

They assist their clients throughout the process of the estate, i.e from the drafting stage to the implementation stage, and they also even help their clients when they have become age or incapacitated in administering their properties.

They also employ the services of professionals while indulging in the estate planning of their clients. They work with accountants, financial advisors, and tax planners to develop strategies to ensure a smooth transition of wealth and minimize taxes.

Probate and Estate Administration

Davis Law Firm has the best record of guiding its clients through probate and estate administration. It would be stated that estate administration may be found to be difficult when handled by counsel with knowledge of the field.

Minnesota law dictates that probate remain open for a minimum of four months and must be commenced within three years of the deceased party’s date of death.

The Davis Law Firm has a huge record in assisting their clients in navigating the various laws and court proceedings and makes the process of transferring assets and administering an estate run smoothly and efficiently.

Trust administration and litigation

Trusts are usually created based on an agreement between the parties. The trustee is the party that shall be saddled with the responsibility of managing and distributing the assets held within the trust pursuant to the terms of the trust agreement.

The Davis Law Firm shall assist the trustee in administering the trusted property to the right beneficiaries (Cestui que trust).

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They have worked extensively well in revocable trust, irrevocable trust, testamentary trust, and Supplemental needs trust.

Aviation Law

They provide provides knowledgeable assistance with title and document recordation within the aviation industry. Our employees have assisted clients in all aspects of aircraft transfers and can provide experienced advice to provide guidance to all parties throughout the duration of the transaction.

If you or your client is seeking advice on aircraft purchases, sales, or leases; state, federal, and international registrations of foreign or domestic aircraft, the Davis Law Firm shall be ready to assist you in doing this with all easiness.

Business Law and Taxation

They also provide advice on business formation, organization, and taxation to potential and existing business owners and managers. When starting a business, we assist our clients in determining the type of business entity that best fits their needs, whether it is a partnership (such as limited partnership and limited liability partnership), limited liability company (LLC), corporation (such as C corporations and corporations), or another type of business entity.

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Forming and registering a business or company may be proved difficult when handled by persons with insufficient knowledge in the area.

Davis Law Firm has proved to be one of the best in business law and taxation.

They are known for simplifying legal issues for over 20 years.

Contact Address of Davis Law Firm

You can visit them via their official website, www.davislawfirm.com

You can also visit them at 3006 Allegro Park Lane SW, suite 3, Rochester, MN 55902.

You can also send them an email via: Contactus@Davislawmncom

You can reach them via their phone contact: 507-424-6330.

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