District Attorney in Spanish and duties

District Attorney in Spanish and duties

District Attorney in Spanish and duties

District Attorney can be pronounced in Spanish as Fiscal del distrito. He is appointed by the state to prosecute state matters and to head the prosecution department in the county. Controls the activities of others in the department and the duties of the deputy district attorney. The Deputy  District attorney can be pronounced in Spanish as Fiscal adjunto del Distrito.

District attorneys in Spanish can also be called the county attorney, State’s attorney, prosecuting attorney, and commonwealth’s attorney. District Attorney in Spanish is the chief prosecution or chief law enforcement officer representing any local government in Spain.

The serious part of the District Attorney in Spanish is that it does not change or add to the meaning. The District Attorney in Spanish is the same as everywhere else and he is the attorney saddled with the clear responsibility of representing the state in criminal matters at the local government level.

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A district attorney ln Spanish still connotes the senior legal staff that leads other staff of prosecutors, who are most commonly known as deputy district attorneys (DDAs). The deputy who serves as the supervisor of the office is often called the assistant district attorney, or chief deputy.

Conventionally, within the various counties in Spain, most prosecutions will be delegated to Deputy District Attorney while the District attorney prosecutes the most important cases and enjoys overall responsibility for their agency and its work.

Deputy Attorneys are appointed by the chief judiciary or by the local voters.

Duties of A District Attorney in Spanish

  1. Prosecution: it is the major duty of a district attorney to prosecute all criminal matters for the state within his own designated jurisdiction. Prosecution in Spanish can be pronounced as Fiscalía. The District Attorney prefers all criminal charges within his geographical jurisdiction on behalf of the state. He acts in the favour of the state that appointed him and he also directs the other deputy district attorneys in order for them to also discharge their legal duties effectively. He can also delegate his functions to other persons in his department.

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