Do Judges make law and do lawyers lie

Do Judges make law and do lawyers lie

Do Judges make law

Yes, Judges make law. Judges are usually seen as the priest in the temple of justice. They are the one that decide the disputes between the parties. The reasons for judgment are usually grouped under the ratio decidendi and their words while passing the judgement are always among the obiter dictium. So, it can be stated clearly that judges while deciding the cases between the parties make laws. The laws that are made by the judges are called judicial legislation or stare decisis.

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They make laws in order to cover some loopholes created by the law makers and this they do while interpreting the law. The makers of the law must have enacted the law with ambiguous statement that created lacuna. It will fall to the duty of the judges to make law to that effect that will be plain and all encompassing. However, do note that judges do not have the power to enact laws that will contradict the laws passed by the legislatures. That’s what they called Judicial Rascality.

Does law student go for NYSC

Yes, Law students go for Nigeria Youth Service Corp (NYSC). NYSC is always an annual program where the graduates from various universities are expected to go and serve their country. Law students are also expected to answer this call and serve Nigeria. As a law student, after graduation from the university, the next the is to apply for the Nigerian Law school program. Its after this program which is usually conducted yearly that you can now apply for service. However, you can also decide to go for service before your annual Nigerian Law School Program.

Law students can be posted in different ministries for their Youth service. It can be in a chamber or even ministry of justices or schools.

Do lawyers lie

No! Lawyers do not lie instead they interpret the laws. Lawyers are ministers in the temple of justice and they play the role of assisting the presiding judge to perfectly decide a case. The role of the lawyers is not to mislead the judex instead it is to direct him well. Clients will always come to lawyers with their legal problem, and lawyers will always be expected to address all the problem presented before them. Most of the cases may be settled outside court while others will be taken to the court. For the cases that will be taken to the court. The roile of the lawyer will be to legally present the case of his client to the judex.

The courts have their jargons and rules and its only the lawyers and judges that understand this. So a lawyer will only be in a case to assist the judge with the case of his client and not to tell lies.

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If it’s a crime matter, he must have grouped the facts of the case under certain defences in law that covers them. The role of lawyers is not to tell lies.

From the public view, it can easily be asserted that lawyers are liars but we can firmly state without fear of contradiction that lawyers are not liars instead they present and interpret the law. They undergo a five years rigorous training not to tell lies, but to interpret the law.

Do lawyers work on weekends

No! Lawyers only work from Monday – Friday and they rest on the Saturday and Sunday. However, there are some chambers that may have their office meeting on the Saturday. But the office work of lawyers only last for 5 days. They can only appear in the court on the working days. The parties in a case can decide to appear in the court on the weekend or even holidays, if the both parties involved agreed on the date.

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