Ettinger Law Firm – All you need to know

Ettinger Law Firm – All you need to know


Ettinger Law Firm is one of the most famous law firms that deal in estate planning and elder laws in the United State. The law firm has had a hugely successful story of fighting the cause of the clients. The Ettinger Law firm has attorneys and paralegal staff that work toward asset protection and tax savings for their clients that are baby boomers and senior citizens. The law firm has been rendering legal services to clients for over 20 years and it has offices in fifteen New York state locations.

The Ettinger Law firm has over time prepared estate planning for the majority of the generation of middle-class families in the state.

From their experience at the law firm, they have recounted that that carefully created trusts are some of the best tools to preserve and even extend the value of your assets – even in the event of unexpected changes. So, they have expectedly focused on using trusts in estate plans, and they have assisted in saving countless thousands of dollars for their clients every year.

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They have also created the lifetime estate planning process through which they continue to monitor the trust that is left at their watch by the clients and this is imperative because, in our modern days, things continue to vary in value daily and so to make sure that they attend to the call of their clients when they demand their trust, they have deployed this means.

Their Trademarked process includes:

  • Lifetime tracking of client’s estate plan so that they are notified if any changes in the law are pertinent to their plan;
  • A tri-annual, free review of his/her estate plans to go over changes in health, marital, and asset status;
  • Invitations to our bi-annual Client Appreciation Breakfast; and
  • Subscription to our Ettinger Elder Elert, a weekly notification offering new planning techniques and strategies, some of which have been pioneered by the law firm itself, including the inheritance trust.

Note: Ettinger Law firm believes in understanding their clients and their relationship and they will employ every legal means to see that the interest of their clients is secured and protected and that their clients continue having the highest level of services that meet their needs.

Practice Areas of Ettinger Law Firm

The Ettinger Law Firm focuses on the following areas of Law:

  • Elder Law

The Ettinger law firm under the Elder Law comprises explaining to their clients what is an elder law and the five steps to an elder law estate planning and the mistakes that may be incurred when handled by an attorney that is not conversant with that area of law.

  • Will

Their practice here covers will in general, pitfalls in will planning, and executor and trustee fees at death. However, their practice area on will covers the length and breadth of will drafting practices

  • Living Trust
  • Wealth preservation strategies
  • Medicaid strategies
  • Special Needs trust
  • Estate administration and probate

Ettinger law firm under this area of practice focuses on estate administration and probate, the Trustee’s duty upon the death of the grantor, and using a professional trustee to settle the estate.

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About their Attorneys

Ettinger Law Firm is made up of attorneys with many years of experience in law practice. The president, attorney, and counselor at law of the Ettinger Law firm is Michael Ettinger and the law firm has in total of 10 attorneys that specialize in the various areas of practice handled by the law firm.

You can also bank with the legal services of seasonal and skilled attorneys to represent your interest in every legal battle and also estate planning.

How to Contact the Ettinger Law Firm?

You can hurriedly contact them by reaching their official website at You can reach them by dialing their phone contact for a free consultation – 1-800-500-2525. You can also visit their offices at the 15 different locations in New York; you can always get their addresses from the official website.

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