How to easily gain admission into the Nigeria Universities

How to easily gain admission into the Nigeria Universities

How to easily gain admission into the Nigeria Universities

Throughout the history of mankind, man have always been on the chase of growing from one stage to the other and so after graduation from secondary schools, students usually desire to further their studies in the university. Seeking for admission into the university seems as hard as Gibraltar rock to some students but to some that understand the easy root, their admission is always quick and simple.

This post shall most explicitly explain in details the easiest ways of gaining admission into the higher institutions. In Nigeria, we have up to 400 Universities that admit studies to their desired courses every year. However, while the number of students that usually seek for admissions every year are usually above the number of students that are meant to be the admitted, so it will be important for you to read this work so carefully so that you can be among the lucky one to be admitted.

The Necessary requirement for admission

You must have a good O’Level result:

One of the major requirements of gaining admission into the university is that you must pass your O’Level examination with five credits in your desired areas of study including English and Mathematics. O’ level Certificate stands for Ordinary Level certificate. This can easily have obtained through WAEC, GCE and NECO.

So, while making your choice of course, it should be imperative that you consider the course that you have passion for and that you can always read and pass exams on.

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WAEC stands for West Africa Examinations Council. GCE stands for General Certificate of Examination. NECO is an acronym for National Examination Council.

The above listed exams are usually conducted yearly with the students in Senior Secondary School Class three (3) sitting for exams. Acquiring any of the O’Level Certificates is a requisite for a person to be admitted into the Nigeria Universities.

Jamb Result:

A good Jamb result is one of the important requirements in gaining admission into Nigeria Universities. JAMB is an acronym that stands for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board. In every year, students are faced with the choice of applying for Jamb and writing it with the intention of been admitted into the higher institution of their choice with their preferred course.

It will be germane to note that Jamb is so important while considering the basic requirements for admission into the higher institution. Good score and choice of course is usually one of the determinant force that will determine whether you shall be admitted into the Higher Institution that you admitted.

We shall also encourage you to get past questions on Jamb and study it very well as JAMB has never stop repeating its past questions except on English, which the compulsory story books use to change after some years.

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Also try to acquire some knowledge about Computer Based Test (CBT). Since Jamb has adopted CBT method of writing their exams, it will be important that you acquire little knowledge about.

It will not be abnormal, if you go to the center that you are posted to before the date of the exams and this will help you know about the place and its location. You must try to be at the venue of the exam on time and you must also know how to answer all questions within the stipulated time provided by JAMB.

Direct Entry:

You can also be admitted to any university of your choice with your already acquired HND or OND or any other degree. This is usually crowned direct entry. It is direct entry because you will not need to write JAMB to be admitted to the school. In most case, students that apply to be admitted through this medium are usually offered admission into the 200L of their desired course.


Students are also being admitted to school through JUPEB. This is an acronym for Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board. For the universities that offers this yearly program, it is usually undertaken as the routine of the board to teach the students and set some exams that they can write according to their choices of course. The exams are usually in accordance with the course outline for that year. The students with good marks are meant to be admitted to the 200L of the course that they applied for. The ones with poor results may be admitted to 100Level of the course they are applied for or they may be transferred to other course.

Thanks for reading through this piece; How to easily gain admission into the Nigeria Universities.

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