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You shouldn’t undervalue the risk you take on when you enter a car or any other type of transportation.

Five individuals are thought to be hurt in road accidents every minute, and one person is thought to be killed in these collisions every fifteen minutes, according to national crash data from 2019. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered that road traffic accidents are the number one killer of Americans between the ages of 1 and 54 in the country.

You have the right to pursue financial compensation for all of your losses and injuries if you were hurt in a car accident or other traffic incident that was someone else’s fault. Even though anyone can submit an insurance claim on their own, it is advisable to seek compensation with the assistance of a lawyer because insurance companies are infamous for trying to assign guilt to victims and offer the least amount of money possible.

All types of automobile accidents have been handled by the devoted personal injury attorneys at Carpenter & Zuckerman, and we are well-known among insurance companies as tenacious trial lawyers who won’t accept less. On your behalf, we’ll handle all correspondence and bargaining with the insurance provider, and we’ll work to secure the best payment for you. If necessary, we’ll even take your case to court!

For quite a FREE consultation to help you begin your accident claim, get in touch with them right away.

All Forms of Vehicle Accidents Are Handled by CZ Law

We can assist you in pursuing just compensation in your case, regardless of whether you were a vehicle driver, a vehicle passenger, or a pedestrian or cyclist struck by a car.

For those hurt in the accidents listed below and others, CZ Law can offer legal representation:

  • Car Accident
  • vehicle collision
  • motorcycle crash
  • Accidents involving bicycles and pedestrians
  • Crosswalk collision
  • Uber or Lyft accident involving a bus
  • Injury to a delivery driver
  • Grubhub and DoorDash incident

Any form of injury case that involves broken bones, soft tissue damage like whiplash and torn ligaments, back or spine damage, brain damage, or another type of injury is something we can assist with. In wrongful death lawsuits, our law company also defends the relatives of deceased drivers and those injured in auto accidents.

What to Do Following a Car Accident

You should take specific actions as soon as possible after your auto accident or any other kind of vehicle accident for your safety and help your legal case.

Following the accident, you should:

  1. If someone is hurt, dial 911.
  2. Send in a police report, and ask for a copy for your files.
  3. Gather the names and insurance details of all parties involved.
  4. Request the contact information of any witnesses who may be able to support your account.
  5. Take pictures of the accident site, your injuries, any vehicle damage, local signage, and the road conditions.
  6. Even if you don’t believe you are seriously hurt, get immediate medical assistance, either in an emergency room or at a routine doctor’s appointment.
  7. Keep track of every expense related to your accident, including any medical charges, car repairs, rental fees, and other costs.
  8. Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you can. You shouldn’t speak with the insurance firms without first consulting your lawyer.

For Your Car Accident Matters contact Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer CZ.Law

Avoid attempting to handle your car accident by yourself. At CZ Law, our team of highly skilled car accident attorneys is ready to fight for justice on your behalf so you can concentrate on getting better.

Over our more than 25 years of defending accident victims, we have helped our clients receive more than $2 billion in settlements and verdicts. Our distinguished attorneys won’t relent until we secure for you the just compensation.

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Clients from outside of California as well as within the state of California are served by our personal injustice. Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Orange County (Garden Grove), Irvine, San Diego, Bakersfield, and Las Vegas are among the places where we have offices.

Call us at (310) 273-1230 for a free, no-obligation consultation, or complete our online form. We operate on a contingency basis, so unless we prevail in your case, you won’t be charged for our services.

CZ Law Firm can also represent you in Assault Cases

Being attacked is a terrible experience that can be harmful to one’s physical and mental well-being. A personal injury lawsuit may be able to help you get compensation if you were attacked or assaulted. You are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, medical costs, mental distress, and lost wages due to time away from work.

Carpenter & Zuckerman fights for the rights of those who have been wrongly damaged and won’t give up until our clients receive a just compensation or court decision. At CZ Law, our injury lawyers defend clients in assault claims of all stripes, including:

  • Police assault
  • celebrity assault
  • security guard assault
  • Attack at a gathering
  • Sexual abuse
  • Domestic abuse
  • Dog bite

Whomever your attacker is, we know how to hold them accountable and demand just recompense for you. Since 1995, we have already won more than $2 billion in verdicts and settlements for our clients, and we want to do the same for you!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team; as committed attorneys who have been representing accident victims since 1995, we have the breadth of expertise and experience you need for your case.

Clients of CZ Law are located in California as well as other states. Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Orange County (Garden Grove), Irvine, San Diego, Bakersfield, and Las Vegas are where you may find our offices.

For a FREE, no-obligation consultation, please fill out our online form or give us a call at (310) 273-1230. You won’t be charged a fee unless we win your case because we work on a contingency basis.

CZ Law Firm also represents clients in Premises liability

Anyone hurt while on someone else’s property may be eligible for compensation in California. However, the injured person must be able to prove that the property owner or occupier maintained the property negligently to be awarded damages.

You must act quickly to hold the responsible party accountable and obtain the compensation you are entitled to if you have been injured on someone else’s private or commercial property. Our premises liability attorneys at Carpenter & Zuckerman can assist you in establishing liability in your case and fighting for the highest settlement possible to cover your losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. For a free consultation, get in touch with us today!

How Does Fault in a Premises Liability Case Become Establish?

The plaintiff must be able to demonstrate these four components in a premises liability action to establish that a property owner or occupier was negligent and liable:


A legal duty of care was owed by the defendant to the plaintiff. For instance, store owners that anticipate frequent customer traffic should make every effort to keep their clients safe from any hazardous situations on the premises. As a result, business owners would have a responsibility to their clients. A property owner does not always owe someone who is trespassing on their property the same duty of care, though.

Default in Duty

Upon establishing that the defendant owes the plaintiff a duty of care, it is necessary to establish that the defendant violated that duty. Let’s imagine, for illustration, that you stumbled on a water puddle inside a supermarket shop. The court might conclude that a prudent property owner would have cleared the water so that visitors wouldn’t slip. The defendant is considered to have violated the duty of care if it is assumed that a prudent property owner would have taken these steps but the defendant didn’t.


The plaintiff must next show that they have been injured to win their case. Medical records, images, and other sorts of evidence can be used to show this.



The plaintiff must also be able to demonstrate that the defendant’s negligence led to the accident victim’s injuries.

For Your Premises Liability Cases contact Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer CZ.Law

Get in touch with the personal injury team at Carpenter & Zuckerman right away to discuss your case if you were hurt while on someone else’s property. It’s crucial to engage with one of our skilled attorneys who can help you obtain the personal injury compensation you are entitled to because proving fault in a premises liability case can be difficult.

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Even outside of California, our premises liability attorneys represent clients. Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Orange County (Garden Grove), Irvine, San Diego, Bakersfield, and Las Vegas are among the places where we have officers.

For a FREE consultation, please fill out our online form or give us a call at (310) 273-1230. If we don’t obtain compensation for you, you don’t pay any fees.

Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

While some injuries are less serious and only require a few months to heal, others are considerably more serious and can have a lasting negative effect on the sufferer for many years, if not their whole life. Catastrophic injuries are the more severe kinds of injuries, and they frequently result in permanent disability or disfigurement.

You have the right to compensation from the negligent party if you sustained catastrophic damage as a result. Catastrophic injuries frequently lead to exorbitant medical costs, including post-injury care and continued costs for future surgeries, rehabilitation, and at-home care or support. Additionally, someone who suffers a catastrophic injury frequently needs to take a long break from work or lose their job permanently, which has an impact on their ability to make money in the future.

You shouldn’t have to bear that weight as the unintentional injury victim! Carpenter & Zuckerman’s knowledgeable and sympathetic catastrophic injury attorneys can assist you in bringing a personal injury lawsuit against the party or parties at fault and fighting for the highest possible settlement or court judgment. Our law office has been successful in securing the highest possible financial compensation in some of the most severe situations, including wrongful death and brain injury claims.

Get in touch with us to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation to discuss your options for a catastrophic injury lawsuit.

For Your Catastrophic Liability cases contact Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer CZ.Law

It happens all too frequently in catastrophic injury cases for the defense and their insurance provider to attempt to minimize the seriousness of the victim’s injuries or assign responsibility to the victim to escape their liability. This is why you must deal with a skilled personal injury attorney who will fight for the compensation you are entitled to.

Since 1995, CZ Law has defended injured people and throughout that time, we have obtained more than $2 billion in settlements and judgments.

We are a personal injury legal practice with offices in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Orange County (Garden Grove), Irvine, San Diego, Bakersfield, and Las Vegas. We represent clients throughout the state of California as well as outside of it.

Fill out our online form or give us a call at (310) 273-1230 to schedule a FREE consultation! You won’t be charged a fee unless we win your case because we work on a contingency basis.

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Patients put their lives in the hands of medical personnel. Medical malpractice can occur when a healthcare provider commits errors that damage or injure a patient. While some errors result in relatively minor injuries, others might have severe or life-threatening health consequences.

Victims of medical negligence may be entitled to restitution for their pain and suffering, medical costs, and lost wages. However, because medical malpractice law is intricate, if you or a loved one suffered harm as a result of medical malpractice, you will need to hire a lawyer with expertise in this particular field of a personal injury lawyer to defend you.

We have skilled and sympathetic medical malpractice attorneys at Carpenter & Zuckerman who can assist you in seeking justice and fighting for fair recompense. For a FREE consultation, reach out to us right away.

Four Requirements for Medical Malpractice Proof Claim

Four Things a Medical Malpractice Case Needs to Show Claim

Medical malpractice is not necessarily a result of a doctor making a mistake. A plaintiff must be able to establish the existence of these four factors in order to establish medical malpractice:

  • The plaintiff and the defendant had a patient-doctor relationship.
  • The doctor was negligent because they behaved in a way that a qualified medical professional would not have done in the same situation.
  • Because of the doctor’s carelessness, you were hurt.
  • As a result of these wounds, you experienced some sort of harm.

For your Medical Malpractice Cases Contact Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer CZ.Law

You must immediately get in touch with the law offices at Carpenter & Zuckerman to discuss your case if you were hurt by a careless healthcare provider. The earlier you contact us, the sooner we can begin assembling a compelling case on your behalf, assisting in ensuring that you get the full amount of compensation you are due for your losses and injuries.

Their firm has been managing some of the most difficult medical malpractice and personal injury claims for more than 25 years, and during that time, we have helped our clients receive more than $2 billion in settlements and verdicts.

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Clients from all around California and beyond are served by our firm. Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Orange County (Garden Grove), Irvine, San Diego, Bakersfield, and Las Vegas are among the places where we have officers.

Fill out our online form or give us a call at (310) 273-1230 to schedule a FREE consultation. No fees are charged unless we obtain compensation for you.

Office Address of Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer CZ.Law

You can visit their official website at https://cz.law/contact/ for their address and other information about the CZ Law firm. They have law firm offices around the world.

The CZ Law Offices

  • Beverly Hills

8827 West Olympic Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

(310) 273-1230

  • Los Angeles

633 West 5th St 26th Floor,

Los Angeles, CA 90071

(888) 297-3477

  • Orange County

12881 Knott St Suite 225,

Garden Grove, CA 92841

(888) 297-3477

  • San Diego

501 West Broadway Suite 800,

San Diego, CA 92101

(888) 297-3477

AND OTHER Law Offices, check their contact page as mentioned above.

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