My Review On The Nigeria Decides 2023

My Review On The Nigeria Decides 2023:

Thanks to Election and political campaign.
I have followed keenly and most meticulously in the likes of tortoise steps and I have realized that some fellows that you are placing in the most revered esteems are nothing but thugs and touts in disguise.

The way they speak and go about calling people names, all in the name of defending their candidates cannot be welcomed in the jungle and should not be expected of a suckler.

I just wish to state most emphatically that unless you have ulterior motive for your shouting on facebook for a candidate or you are a well baptized eye-service agent; then there is always a better way of securing more votes for your candidate.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to offend anyone inorder to secure a vote or support.

You don’t have to finish all your life-saved grammars in order to convince people to look at your acclaimed Messiah.

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If you are wise, act like one.
Let’s behave better, and see everything move well in our dear country.

Vote in accordance with your good conscience. Avoid being swerved around by the wave of the bandwagons.

This above piece was my advice and encouragement during the just concluded general election and most persons did not pay attention to my observation and admonition and now they are moving from pillar to post all in search of their promised land in the form of appointment and which I have the surety in the bank of my mind that it will never gets to them.

Life is all about stages and its all about contribution and relevancy build yourself and prominent men and women will come to your bidding but don’t go around touting for recognition and fame when you don’t have anything relevant or meaningful to offer.

The truth is that we must make it great and big provided we keep on doing our best.

Thanks for going through this post; My Review On The Nigeria Decides 2023.

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