Personal Injury attorney San Francisco Dolan Law

Personal Injury Attorney San Francisco Dolan Law

About Personal Injury attorney San Francisco Dolan Law

Dolan Law Firm was founded in 1995 with its headquarters in California and they provide the best Legal services to their clients who suffered personal injuries. You can visit their official website for your injury cases and also recommend it to your friends.

Dolan Law Firm is made up of great attorneys with huge expertiand se knowledge in recovering compensation for those who sustained personal injury within California, USA. The Founder and lead trial counsel Chris Dolan have been repeatedly recognized as one of the best personal injury attorneys in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland California.

The firm has recorded a series of victories for those persons who sustained several personal injuries. What you need to do is just to contact them with the facts of your case and necessary compensations shall be recovered for you.

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For your quick legal services on personal injury cases, you can reach the Dolan Law Firm by browsing through their Website or calling their contacts.

What is Personal Injury

Man on earth is not free from injuries and shortcomings. One of these injuries is called personal injuries and how strong or better you come out of every personal injuries depends on who comes to your rescue. Dolan Law Firm is one of the best Law Firm in California with great specialty in recovering damages and compensations for those persons that suffered wrongdoing.

It can be stated overtly that “personal injury” is a legal term for both physical and financial losses that resulted from another person’s reckless, careless or intentional wrongdoing. From the foregoing definition, it can be deduced that for a person to establish a claim for personal injury that he must establish that he sustained injury from the wrongdoing of another, the intention of the wrongdoer notwithstanding.

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It shall be imperative to note that for your civil action for personal injury to succeed that you must prove the level of damages sustained as a result of the negligent act of the person sued and even how the harm was perpetrated.

The compensation to be awarded to the person who sustained the personal injury shall be subject to certain factors, which iinclude what he contributed to the wrongdoing or accident, the level of injury sustained, and the possible way of recovery from the wrong.

Who is a Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury attorney is a Lawyer who specialty in handling cases or suits that involves both financial and physical losses of a person. The losses must have emanated from the Negligent act of a person.

In other words, these are lawyers that are usually vast in evaluating personal injury cases and advising the client appropriately on the best line of action to undertake to recover some damages for the wrong sustained.

These types of attorneys are everywhere and can be reached for their best legal services.

Thanks for reading through this piece, Personal Injury attorney San Francisco Dolan Law.

Personal Injury Attorney San Francisco Dolan Law – Leaders Among Trial Lawyers

Some of the most knowledgeable and accomplished experts in their fields are our attorneys. Because of the victories we have obtained for our clients in court, U.S. News, Best Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and Martindale Hubbell have recognized us for our excellence.

Chris Dolan, the founder of the firm, has received numerous awards for being among the best trial lawyers in California and the San Francisco Bay Area. His many honors include being named one of the Top 25 Plaintiffs Lawyers in California by the Daily Journal, the top legal publication in California, and receiving the coveted California Lawyer of the Year Award from California Lawyer magazine.

Many of our attorneys serve as directors and officers for regional, national, and Californian organizations that support the rights of lawyers. Their attorneys are the best in what they do.


Personal Injury Attorney San Francisco Dolan Law – Achieving Justice For The Injured

Many of our cases involve allegations of wrongful death and bodily injury caused by the negligence of others. We have a long history of advocating for those who have been hurt or killed by other reckless drivers, including pedestrians, motorcycle riders, automobile drivers, and bicyclists. We represent MUNI, BART, and other transit users who have sustained injuries while utilizing the system.

To hold these ridesharing firms responsible for accidents and reckless driving by their drivers, we filed ground-breaking cases against Uber and Lyft on behalf of injured passengers and the families of pedestrians who were slain.

We represent persons who sustained serious wounds as a result of dangerous property conditions and premises (often known as “slip and fall” lawsuits). For those who were bitten by animals, we have made great progress, and have bitten y unsupervised dogs.

We are pioneers in the plaintiffs’ bar when it comes to defending people and their families who have been the victims of elder abuse and neglect in nursing, assisted living, and senior facilities. We also defend parents whose children, frequently students with special needs, suffered from child abuse at school or were hurt as a result of careless supervision.

People who were severely hurt by law enforcement in incidents of police brutality and excessive force are among our clients. Last but not least, we have a long-standing and ongoing practice for LGBT people who are denied equal rights.

At Personal Injury attorney San Francisco Dolan Law: Mission to do Justice

In California, our attorneys fight to protect workers’ rights. We are dedicated to achieving restitution for the harm our clients experienced and implementing significant improvements to business procedures. We take great pride in having helped our customers make sure that their employers use hiring, salary, promotion, and evaluation procedures that are equitable and open to all workers.

Our employment disputes frequently raise issues of racial, gender, ethnic or national origin, handicap, pregnancy, or sexual orientation-based discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination. We represent workers accused of violating California and federal wage and hour laws, such as not being paid for overtime, meal breaks, or vacation time. We also defend workers whose Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) rights have been infringed upon.

In qui tam or False Claims Act matters, we represent workers who want to “blow the whistle” on fraud perpetrated by their company in contracts or services rendered to the federal government or State of California.

Their Legal Service in Personal Injury attorney San Francisco Dolan Law

We show care, sympathy, and respect to all of our customers. Throughout the lawsuit process, we constantly interact with our clients and give each client dedicated, personalized treatment.

Under Mr. Dolan’s guidance, our attorneys work as a team to give each client with the best possible legal representation. They do this by utilizing their extensive trial experience and legal knowledge, as well as the firm’s significant financial resources and access to experts.

The Dolan Law Firm has the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to litigate your case effectively.

Please get in touch with us online or by calling toll-free 1-888-452-4752 for a free, no-obligation examination of your case.

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