Rose Law Firm and what they offer

Rose Law Firm and what they offer:

Who is Rose Law Firm

Rose Law firm is one of the oldest law firms that has remained in practice in the United State. It was birthed by the written agreement of Robert Crittenden and Chester Ashley of November 1, 1820, where they agreed on “Partnership in the practice of Law”. The partnership agreement still hangs on the wall of the firm’s boardroom as a reminder of their long lasted relationship and achievements.

Since the creation of the Law Firm, they have had the mission of creating long-term value and imparting to all their clients by providing them with passionate and heartfelt legal services delivered through a commitment to excellence.

Robert Crittenden, who is one of the co-founders of the Rose Law Firm was appointed as Lieutenant Governor of the Arkansas territory by President James Monroe in his 22 years.  The duo comes up with their partnership for the law practice as a result of their non-quenching and unflinching love that revolves around law practice. Since the creation of the law firm, it has lasted for many centuries and history maintains that it has lasted for more than 200 years

Contact Rose Law Firm

It shall be important to note that you can reach Rose Law Firm by visiting their official website:  or you can have physical contact with the law firm for them to represent you in matters and you can also call them through their phone contact and fax. Rose Law Firm has two office addresses;

Little Rock office: This legal office is meant for visiting and parking only and the office is located at 119 East Third Street. You can mail them to 120 East Fourth Street Little Rock, AR 72201. Their phone contact is Call 501-375-9131 and Fax 501-375-1309

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Rogers Office: This office is located at 5100 W JB Hunt Dr #900 Rogers, AR, 72758, and you can also reach them through their phone contact: Call 479-301-2444 and Fax 479-301-2449


It shall be germane to state that the best way to engage the legal services of the Law Firm is by reaching Betsy Baker through this phone Line: 501-377-0425. She shall assist you through the conflict of interest procedure of the law firm and she shall also ascertain which of the attorneys shall best suit your legal services. However, you must wait until when you receive a letter of engagement from the lawyer that she shall link you to. Before you will become their client and you can then exchange information with them freely.

An Important Notice from Rose Law Firm

It is part of the practice standard and style of the law firm that while they would want to hear from you and also render their legal services to you but they must first ascertain whether their representing you won’t cause a conflict of interest. It shall be advised that you should neither send a piece of confidential information nor divulge any secret to them during this period until when you receive a written statement that they have agreed to represent you. That letter is the “engagement letter”

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How many Attorneys do they have in Rose Law Firm?

Rose Law firm is a renowned law firm that has lasted for over 200 years and has many attorneys that specialized in different areas of law. They have 37 attorneys which range from Joseph D. Allen, Robyn P. Allmendinger, Russell P. Bailey, Betsy Baker, Steve Bauman, Ty Bordenkircher, Brady Brown, Brantly Buck, Bryant Cranford, Dominic Dachille, Reese P. Dollins, Richard Donovan, Jim Fowler, Nicole Gore, Michael Goswami, Tom Hardin, Ada Hopkins, Rebecca B. Hurst, Steve Joiner, Wilson Jones, Peter Kumpe, Justin Lee, David Martin, E Joseph Mcgehee, Michael D. Mcgill, David Mitchell, Jr., William R. Mullen, John C. Ogle, Paul Parnell, David M. Powell, Bourgon B. Reynolds, Rebecca Roberts, Brian Rosenthal, Jim Smith, Ryan Smith, Nancy Smith, Mary – Tipton Thelheimer, Luke E. Vance, B. J. Walker, Amanda K. Wofford, Dan C. Young.

Rose Law Firm and what they offer

Rose Law Firm since its emanation in Nov. 1820 has handled matters in different areas of law and their clients usually troop up with cases involving different areas of law practice. However, they have specialists in the following areas of law practice:

  • Corporate and Transactional
  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution Tax
  • Administrative and Regulatory investigation
  • Workplace Safety and Health
  • Labour and Employment
  • Real estate
  • Intellectual property
  • Environmental
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Public Finance and economic development.

Note: once your case involves any of the above-listed areas, you can reach Rose Law Firm for effective legal representation. They have attorneys that specialize in the above-listed areas. Cases abound where the law firm fought and secured justice for their clients.

You can reach them now, not later.

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