The alleged entertainment industry insider spills the tea on what goes on behind the scenes

In the fast-paced world of the entertainment industry, where glitz and fame often overshadow reality, a recent post by an alleged insider sent shockwaves through the online community.

On March 16, a netizen claiming to be an industry official took to a popular online community to spill the tea about what’s going on behind the scenes. The original post is as follows.

“I was a film major. I often go on set, mostly music videos and commercials. I have many colleagues who work in entertainment companies or advertising agencies, so I often see celebrities as well as often hear about them.

The other post wrote the entertainment industry as something shocking that normal people can’t imagine, but after 5 years of working in the industry, it’s the same as other industries.

Everyone is on edge when you walk into the pictures lol. At least for movies it’s much better as they have to stick to certain opening hours, but dramas or music videos still really get crushed by time, with 2 to 3 days of release being the industry standard. And since everyone is sleep-deprived, shooting often feels like walking on thin ice. Especially directors are very demanding.

For example, earlier on the set of a drama, a crew member fell very hard while moving lights and equipment (he was limping all day that day). But everyone on set was worried about breaking the light or the equipment. Luckily nothing broke, but no one asked if it was okay. I was shocked by these desensitized approaches, not necessarily by celebrity duplicity.

Because when you feel something is wrong on set, that celebrity will end up being undone in the long run. There was one actor who was rude, unapologetic about being late and took a smoke break every take, so I was disappointed with him. A few months later he was involved in an attitude controversy lol. The general public isn’t that dumb, so there aren’t many double-faced celebrities unless they’re like an acting god or a drama queen. Honestly, the fans already know something is wrong deep inside them, but they just stick up to protect them because they love their celebrities. Celebrities with a good public image are polite, at least to people in the industry.

I’ve heard a lot of dating rumors, but it’s just like your college days. Those who consistently date will continue to date serially, while those who don’t never will…it just depends on their personalities. Also, there aren’t that many differences in their dating lives. They date just like their non-celebrity peers. And not all celebrities like to go out and get wasted. There was someone who came to the holiday happy hour once by the time it was on.

And it is true that in the past there was a lot of “sleeping around” in the film industry. And I can’t say that there isn’t now. But they are definitely much less common these days. To be fair, these “sell-outs” are common when you’re lobbying for a luxury brand ambassador, but it’s not like literal quid pro quo sexual harassment. It’s just that they have drinks with the reps but if you still think it’s weird for young people to sit there while drinking, I have nothing to say lol

Of course, there are a few publicly unknown dopamine-inducing events. I saw male and female idols who were in a relationship arguing loudly on the stairs of a music show, and often heard same-sex dating scandals. But they are not necessarily interesting because they are celebrities, you would also hear about these type of events in your life if they happened around you lol. There are eventful incidents here as well.

In short, it is always true that it depends on people and circumstances. The other post seemed like hyperbole after briefly hearing about the industry.”

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