The Ticket Clinic Law Firm in Florida

The Ticket Clinic Law Firm in Florida

About the Florida Ticket Clinic Law Firm

Are you searching for a Ticket Clinic in Florida? This post is going to provide you with the contact of one of the Best Law firms in Florida that handle cases involving traffic offenses like speeding, suspended license, and DUI (DUI is an abbreviation for the offense of driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.

It is now over 30 years when The Traffic Ticket Clinic of Florida started representing clients that are sued for traffic offenses. They do render their services for their clients with passion and they have seen that the clients who were charged with several traffic offenses are being exculpated and set free without paying a dime.

Since 1987, traffic ticket attorneys have defended against over 5,000,000 cases and our national footprint includes 29, offices in Florida. The major goal achieved in all these cases is that in most of the cases, the clients are usually discharged and acquitted with no points and no school.

The legal attorney of ticket clinic law firm in Florida provides full legal services for all parts of the state and they have from constant practice on traffic cases acquired sufficient and proficient knowledge in this area of law, they have also developed defense strategies over nearly three decades of representing clients in traffic court.

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The Ticket Clinic offers its best legal services to those drivers that believe that they are desirous of a fair trial when their driving record is at stake.

If you are charged for a speeding ticket or for a more complicated matter like a suspended license or a DUI offense in Florida, you can grab a ticket now and call the Ticket Clinic Law firm Florida through their phone contact 1-800-248-2846 for a free consultation with a traffic ticket attorney.

Locations of Ticket Clinic Law Firm of Florida

  1. Boynton Beach Branch

In Boynton Beach, you can locate their law firm at 3420 South Federal Highway Boynton Beach, FL 33435. You can call them on their phone contact: 561-994-4940 and Fax: 561-742-8953

  1. Coral Spring Branch

Office Address: 7843 W. SAMPLE ROAD Coral Springs, FL 33065

  1. Doral Branch:

Office Address: 1450 NW 87th Ave, Ste 208 Doral, FL 33172. Phone Contact: 786-360-0650

  1. Gainesville Branch

Office Address: 1927 NW 13th Street Gainesville, FL. 32609, 352-251-0299.

  1. You can get all their locations in Florida from their official website:

How to hire their team of attorneys for your traffic cases?

You can either visit their offices as listed above or you can call them on their phone contact: 1-800 – (248-2846) and you can also reach them via fax, depending on your location.

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Why should I hire Ticket Clinic Law Firm?

If you have a case of a traffic ticket, red light ticket, reckless/careless driving, Accidents, suspended license, DUI, and for other professional drivers. This means you should come for the service of the ticket clinic law firm. They are everywhere and shall be ready to provide you with the best legal service, in order to see that you are exonerated from all traffic ticket charges or other road-related offenses.

You cannot wait any longer, go to their official website and book a consultation now. Their official website is

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