What is Martial Law

What is Martial Law:

What is Martial Law

The affairs of the people are usually being managed and coordinated in accordance to the provisions of the laws enacted by the Legislatures. The laws are at several occasions modified or repealed to meet up with constant societal development. The judiciary arm of the Government is the body saddled with the clear responsibility of interpreting the law in a democratic setting. Here, the rule of the laws is being welcomed and the populace of the land are charged to obey and respect the law. The executive arms of the government help in the execution of the law in this kind of democratic arena.

However, time may come when the law that is available in the land is no longer enhancing and securing the peaceful co-existence needed in some parts or the whole parts of the country. This particular act of lack of laws can help to exacerbate the level of crimes and nefarious acts that will be committed in the country. This may have also turned the country into a state of nature where the lives of the masses will be short, nasty and brutal and many of them will be living at the mercy of their stronger counterparts and this will support the adage of survival by the fittest.

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At this stage, the military can always intervene to help to reduce and wipe the tears of the general masses and this, they usually actualise by replacing the civil constitution with their military decrees and edits. The military laws are what we called martial laws.

It is in record that once the Military suspends the civilian government, they also suspend the civilian laws. They usually start military government by unravelling their laws.

Martial Laws are those ordinances, regulations, laws or legal promulgations that govern military rule or administration. They are the laws that are employed by the military government in order to restore peace and orderliness in the land during their reign.

Most of the countries in the world at several occasions have experienced military regime and this military regime can be likened to a government by the military.

The Militaries are usually armed with some forces and that is why you can also call them, “the Armed forces”. One of their major duties is to maintain peace and to protect their state from external forces. They are always ready for war.

Martial Law provides the ordinance, rules and regulations that are made by the military government for the people and the Head of the Military Government will always give order that such ordinances should be employed and followed in order to restore peace and orderliness in the state.

The military are always on their feet to take over power through Coup d’etat from the Civilian Government when such civilian government has lost control over the activities of the masses and anarchy as become the order of the day.

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Military Government is not a permanent system of Government instead it’s a temporary system. It is best employed during state of emergency.

The Military government is to be headed by a Military person with the highest recognized rank in force. He is usually addressed as the Military Head of state.

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