What to study in Higher Institution and Admission

What to study in Higher Institution and Admission:

What to study in Higher Institution?

Many persons because of the challenges faced in securing school admission for their course of choice has settled for an alternative. It can be stated here that there is no course with greatest importance. People are usually moved to study a course based on the passion and love that they have for the course but sometimes peoples’ passion may not meet up with their target.

It will then be asked: are you to study any course that they offered you in the Universities? To us, we may most humbly answer in the negative, stating that people should strive hard to be admitted in the course of their choice.

At the time of registration of Jamb or any other medium through which the person wants to be admitted to higher institution, he may be in the position of choosing his first choice and other choices. The first choice may stand to be the institution that he wants to attend and then the course that he wants to study there.

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In Nigeria, there are three set of core courses that you are expected to choose from, to wit: Science, Vocational and Art.  The Art comprises Law, Public Administration, Mass Communication, Philosophy and Religion, sociology and psychology. The Vocational (Commercial) Course includes Accounting, Marketing and Economic, Insurance, Business Administration and Commerce. Science includes but not limited to the following: Medicine and Surgery, Medical Laboratory, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Agriculture and Anatomy.

It is expected of everyone to choose course based on their passion and love for the course. It is possible that you can be admitted in the course that you applied for but it is needed from your end that you should study hard and score very good score to be admitted to the right course that you applied for.

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In some places, they have some courses that they termed professional courses. They are so called because after graduation you may decide to set up your own enterprise and specialize on the course. Their fees are usually high and the same thing also affects their academic material works.

Please don’t allow friends to determine what course, you should apply to study in the university because that your friend may not be there for you when you will be passing through perilous time in the course. Choose course based on your passion and love for the course. It should be under a profession that you will like to spend the rest of your life on.

What to do after school Admission

When you are admitted to an institution, the first thing to do is to pay for acceptance or to move to the school and accept the admission. Acceptance of admission is to be done within the nearest possible time. After acceptance of admission, the next thing is to start clearance and to start making other payments which may be required by the institution.

We shall add here that after acceptance of admission and payment of other fees, you should try and buy some textbooks and start to study hard for your academic works. University study is quite different from secondary school studies as students shall be open to study a lot of material works within every academic session. If you fail to study hard in the school, you shall just be prepared to fail.

It will also be important to note that bad friends and cultists are part of the persons you should avoid in this level of your academic pursuit. Strive to make good score within this period because it will reflect on the CGPA that you may graduate with.

Try and attend all lectures and also eat well.

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