Those who enjoy driving and are well-organized and have a keen eye for detail may want to look into becoming delivery drivers. If you would like to work in this field in the United States with a sponsored visa, this post is strongly recommended.

Package delivery or parcel delivery is the delivery of shipping containers, parcels, or high-value mail as single shipments. The service is provided by most postal systems, express mail, private courier companies, and less-than-truckload shipping carriers.

A courier is a someone you can rely on to deliver packages or critical communications.

In the USA, a delivery driver makes, on average, $39,000 a year, or $18.75 an hour. The starting salary for entry-level professions is $33,150 annually, while the average salary for experienced workers is $58,827.

Top paying delivery jobs in USA

Whether you’re looking for a job yourself or you’re just curious, here are some of the top paying delivery jobs you can do in the United States and make a good living

1. Grubhub delivery driver: $47,378 annually is the national average salary. Another food delivery service that uses a smartphone app and is available in most major U.S. cities is Grubhub. To deliver food for Grubhub, you need to have your own vehicle (or bike) and be at least 19 years old. It goes without saying that you need a current driver’s license and sufficient insurance if you’re driving.

2. Amazon delivery driver: National Average Salary for Amazon Flex Drivers: $18.00-to $25.00 per hour. Many deliveries made by Amazon are outsourced to outside companies. As a result, becoming an Amazon delivery driver is not too difficult, even if you are technically a freelancer rather than an employee of the company. Amazon Fresh grocery orders, Amazon restaurant orders, same-day Prime deliveries, and next-day Prime deliveries will all fall under the purview of an Amazon Flex driver.

3. FedEx delivery driver: The national average salary for FedEx local drivers is $77,240. FedEx is a traditional package delivery company with many years of experience. Everything, large and little, is moved. In fact, a lot of American firms choose them as their delivery partner. Working for FedEx essentially identifies you as an employee of FedEx, as opposed to other delivery jobs that categorize you as an independent contractor. Benefits including paid time off, healthcare coverage for staff members, 401(k) plans, tuition reimbursement, and shipping savings are associated with such status.

4. UPS delivery driver: The national average salary for a UPS delivery driver is $84,881. And lastly, UPS is FedEx’s primary rival. UPS is a national icon, with their distinctive brown trucks cruising the highways and city streets all throughout the nation. They also give a lot of attention to delivering to and from corporations and businesses. They still gladly deliver to and from private individuals, though.
Requirements for a delivery job in USA with visa sponsorship

The majority of businesses demand that delivery drivers possess a current, unblemished driver’s license and be at least 18 years old (21 for others). Delivery drivers typically require a high school degree or GED (General Education Development), while some firms may have different requirements. Applicants may need to have a commercial driver’s license and expertise as a delivery driver, depending on the position.

How to find delivery jobs in USA

Here are several steps you can take to find a delivery job in USA:

1. Obtain a basic education: While many delivery occupations do not require schooling, others may require a high school diploma or its equivalent. The minimum age limit is frequently 18 years of age or older. You could work toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree if you want to progress in the delivery sector. If you intend to apply for supervisory roles, this can be beneficial.

2. Choose the kind of driver you want to be. Different driving jobs may demand different qualifications, so choosing the kind of driver you want to be can help you obtain the necessary training and licenses. To do this, review several job descriptions for truck drivers, couriers, and other positions to choose which best suits your desired career path. Contract jobs may be an option if you want to someday run your own business or set your own hours. If you would want to work for a well-established organization that offers prospects for stability and advancement, you could look into jobs as a truck driver or courier.

3. Go for fundamental experience: Driving experience is necessary for some delivery positions. It’s possible to start with tasks like food delivery or small package delivery with distribution companies even if you have no prior experience. You can pick up the fundamentals of the job, such as recording package delivery and safe handling procedures, during this initial encounter. This could be done in conjunction with getting licenses for positions requiring more responsibility, although certain jobs only require one to two years of experience.

4. Obtain the appropriate license: A valid license in the state where you drive may be the only need for many basic delivery jobs. Others may require extra licenses, such as large truck delivery employment. You may need to complete a CDL (commercial driver’s license) school for several weeks in order to obtain each of these.

5. Apply for entry-level delivery driver jobs: The final step is to submit an application for an entry-level delivery driver job, which typically has less entrance criteria and can assist you in learning the fundamentals of the position. Applying in person at a delivery facility is one option; you can also apply online via several job boards. Make sure your resume clearly outlines your qualifications for the position as well as your experience and skill set. Certain companies may assist you in meeting all the requirements prior to employment, even if you have no prior delivery experience.

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